Business Delegation
UNCHAIN is where you transform acquaintances into friends and turn collaborators into long-term partners.

Come together with your team members or business associates to participate in the festival and create a genuinely distinctive bonding experience.

Curated Content
Join the best and brightest at the cross section of finance and technology, who’s achievements and influence are making waves globally.

At UNCHAIN you’ll be personally sharing ideas with the innovators, thought leaders and builders from the CEE and all the world.

Business Oportunities
The UNCHAIN experience has been designed to center on meaningful personal interaction and overall enjoyment.

In this comfortable and connected environment you will be able to easily connect intentionally and incidentally with your professional friends and industry partners.

Refined Leads
Sharing unique moments with the right people unlocks hidden potential and creates opportunities.

Find at UNCHAIN the key partners and collaborators to forge new alliances and achieve goals not previously imagined.

Enjoy The Fintech Summer
Embrace the warm sun and vibrant atmosphere as we gather in this picturesque venue, creating the perfect setting for networking and collaboration.

Don’t miss this chance to blend business with pleasure with city trips and touristic adventures around Oradea and Transylvania.

Convince Your Boss

We don’t need to convince you that UNCHAIN is the fintech event you need.

However, we do know that sometimes it’s hard to make a case with your boss.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve designed the ultimate “convince your boss” starter pack. From questions to show stats, we have all the responses you need to make your pitch.

Download here your draft letter to personalize and send it over for management approval.